Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Social networking over the Internet is an amazing concept that I never thought about before last week. Within days of signing up for linkden I was contacted by a friend that I have not spoken to in 8 years. Her and I had lost touch and she found my profile and contacted me. I was able to reconnect with her and we realized that we are in similar jobs at agencies in town. We exchanged information and ideas about our respective programs and agencies. It was an amazing thing that would never have happened without Internet networking. I still think that putting a face to a name in person is important but the initial connection is so easy to make over the Internet. My friend and I are going to lunch next week to reconnect on a personal level but also to continue to exchange information on a professional level. The information that I will gain from her will help me continue on my journey of growth as a leader and also enhance my personal relationships.

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Jeffrey said...

Great posts.
This is the goal of Linkedin. I am having lunch with a fellow Web 2.0 guy that I went to High School with because we found each other on the site. I hope you continue to use it and it is helpful for you.
Also, your comments were great on the virtual experience. All the responses seemed to feel that we needed a camera to enrich the experience. I would have to agree with this.
Great job with this blog... now if you could only help me improve at poker... or learn to play it.